Manager, Product Communication, 2022–Present

Contributions as a Team

  1. Publish monthly release notes, documentation and in-app guidance.
  2. Develop and deploy learning interventions to drive product and feature adoption.
  3. Manage the tech stack for developing and publishing documentation, eLearning and in-app guidance.

Contributions as a Team Leader

  1. Set out our core values of meeting our users in their moments of need and driving product adoption.
  2. Led an effort to connect siloed content with the goal of centralizing it in one place.
  3. Worked with our eLearning team to embed our processes on the wider product team.
  4. Built out a career lattice, job descriptions and competency matrix to ensure a scaleable and fulfilled team.

Senior eLearning Designer, 2021–2022

  1. Work with product leaders to develop new content and update existing eLearning.
  2. Define eLearning standards and refine long term strategy.
  3. Manage the online training and certification experience in the LMS.
  4. Oversee LMS operations and implementation of new features.

eLearning Designer, 2019–2020

  1. Design and develop eLearning to support product training and certification efforts.
  2. Developed and began implementing a long-term eLearning strategy.


eLearning Designer, 2016–2019

  1. Administered a catalog of 150+ Epic eLearning courses via Cornerstone LMS.
  2. Deployed SCORM compliant content, built curricula, manage events and metadata, and created course reports.
  3. Developed, updated and edited eLearning courses, working with our team of trainers and SMEs to address various audience needs with a mix of simulations, demonstrations, assessments and blended learning.
  4. Provided instructor-led training on registration, scheduling, and check in/out workflows.


Digital Media Supervisor, 2014–2016

  1. Led the implementation of new services and access to tools, resulting in year-over-year increases in lab usage, including a 50% jump from March 2015–2016. 
  2. Selected, hired and trained a staff of three to deliver support to lab users.
  3. Received the most consistent and positive customer feedback in the organization.  
  4. Developed 15 instructor-led trainings on digitization, digital media and general tech skills.

Digital Media Specialist, 2012–2014

  1. Designed and implemented the Studio, a media lab that provides 75,000 residents with access to new digital tools, service and training.
  2. Led year-over-year growth in use of the lab from pilot space to expanded five room facility. 


      • Customer Education
      • eLearning Development
      • Instructional Design
      • Visual Design
      • Video Production
      • Animation
      • Audio Production
      • Writing


      • TechSmith Camtasia
      • Articulate Storyline
      • Articulate Rise
      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe Illustrator
      • Adobe XD
      • Adobe After Effects
      • Adobe Audition


      • B.A. Visual Communication Design
      • University of Dayton
      • May, 2009